L.O.V.E.U (Tiki 1) - Oil on board

LOVE U painting

Sold (Private collection). 600mm x 650mm (landscape).

Departure Lounge - Oil on canvas on board

Departure Lounge painting

Artist's collection. 650mm x 233mm (portrait). Unframed.

Departure Lounge, detail - Oil on canvas

Departure Lounge painting detail

Detail shot of Departure Lounge.

Our Walkabout - Oil and crushed glass on board

Our Walkabout painting

$1,150 Framed (black wooden frame). 600mm x 800mm (landscape).

Grace - Oil on paper

Grace painting

Artist's daughter, Grace. Not for sale. 900mm x 550mm (portrait).

Marion - Oil on paper

Artist's wife, Marion. Not for sale. 265mm x 220mm (portrait).

Adman Cometh - Oil on board

Adman Cometh painting

Artist's collection. Not for sale. 800mm x 600mm (portrait).

Mr. Happy - Acrylic on board

Mr Happy painting

Sold. 800mm x 600mm (portrait).