Gosh has it really been two years?!

28 November 2012

I have had my head down in Adland work and have been sketching away ideas for future painting series. More on that soon I hope. It's finally summer here in New Zealand and people have a spring in their steps. I love this time of year. Time to get outside. Have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas everybody!


New toys...errr, tools


27 October 2010

I can't wait to use these. In a word, "yum".


Ocean air is good for the soul


11 July 2010

Whenever I'm feeling a bit restless, I know it's time to head to the sea. We can drive either drive 45 minutes to the West Coast, to a place called Raglan (which we did this trip), or about 90 minutes to the east coast to Waihi Beach.

Married for 13 years

anniversary flowers

21 June 2010

Where did that time go? They say time flies when you're having fun. It's been a blast so far Marion. Thanks :). xxx

Welcome to my new website

Will picture

2 June 2010

Winter's arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. Seems like as good a time as any to launch my new website and to grow that beard back! Some of you know that I run an ad agency in New Zealand, called Adland and that the past 18-months has been incredibly hectic for us. Which is great; I'm not complaining. But the pull of my studio has been getting progressively stronger. My soul sings when I paint, so it makes sense that I do as much of this as possible.

So I have decided to take more "me" time. The demands of a busy agency will always be there. Deadlines will come and go, but so too does time. And before you know it you are looking back and seeing what you missed doing. Pause for the important things in life! So it's time to to lock myself away and paint. Awesome.

I love painting first thing in the morning, preparing at the easel just as the sun is coming up. If it's a weekend (and my family is sleeping in) I can be painting for hours at a time, completely submerged in the experience. If it's a weekday, I've usually got 90 minutes of painting time.

I think from now on I will be in meetings every Friday afternoon. "Sorry he's in meetings for the rest of the day." Chuckle. It's not necessarily a (white) lie, as I may be meeting Picasso, Munch, Klee or Botticelli in the spirit realm, for a little (or a lot of) guidance at the easel ;).

Thanks for your click, arriving here. I hope you enjoy your stay.

A big thanks to two of my top designers, Marek and Tim, for helping me to put this site together. You rock guys.