Unison - Oil on board

Unison Painting

Sold. (600mm x 600mm)

Unison, detail - Oil on canvas

Unison painting Detail


Pride and Joy - Oil on board

Pride and Joy painting

Sold. (600mm x 600mm)

In Waiting - Oil on board

In Waiting painting

Sold. (600mm x 600mm)

Ethereal Encounters - Oil on board

Ethereal Encounters painting

Artist's collection. (600mm x 600mm)

Coat Tails - Oil on board

Coat Tails painting

Sold. (600mm x 600mm)

New Horizon - Oil on canvas

New Horizons painting

Sold. (600mm x 800mm)

Healing Hand - Oil on canvas

Healing Hand painting

Artist's collection. (800mm x 600mm)

Entrancing Exit - Oil on canvas

Entrancing Exit painting

Artist's collection. (600mm x 800mm)

Return to the Pool - Oil on canvas

Return to the Pool painting

Sold. (800mm x 600mm)